Utah DUI Second Offense

Utah DUI Second Offense

Utah law enforcement agencies and lawmakers are dedicated to deterring citizens from drinking and driving. For this reason, those who are found to be habitual driving under the influence (DUI) offenders may be subject to an increased sentence and an even longer license suspension than for a first offense. However, while the stakes may be higher, fighting your second DUI offense charge is still possible if you retain qualified legal counsel.

Penalties for a Second DUI Offense

If you have been convicted of a drunk-driving offense in the past, you are already familiar with the penalties you could face if found guilty a second time. For a second DUI, you could be sentenced to either (a) a mandatory minimum of 240 hours in jail, (b) a mandatory minimum of 240 hours of a work service program, or (c) home confinement with electronic monitoring. Your license can also be suspended for two years and you will be ordered to pay at least $800 in fines.

In addition, the judge may order you to serve supervised probation. During this time, you must abide by specific terms and conditions or risk further penalties. You may also be required to complete an alcohol/drug screening and assessment as well as substance abuse education and/or treatment.

If you commit a second Implied Consent violation by refusing to take the breathalyzer test, you could face an automatic three-year license suspension as well as additional fines.

The consequences of a second DUI conviction will linger long after your criminal sentence is served. Because your offense will be reported on your driving and criminal records, you could face increased insurance costs and difficulty when applying for employment.

Fighting Your Second DUI Offense

Fighting a second offense is no harder than fighting a first offense--you just need an attorney to uncover weaknesses with the prosecution's case and to uncover facts favorable to your defense.  We are committed to helping Utah residents, like you, who are interested in fighting their DUI charges.