Utah DUI Fines

Utah DUI Fines

Individuals convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) in Utah may be required to pay a number of fines as well as expenses associated with their sentence. In fact, you may end up paying over $1,000 in related costs, even if this is your first DUI offense. Because a drunk-driving conviction is so expensive, and can come back to harm you in other ways, working with a qualified DUI defense lawyer may be your best option.

DUI Fines

The fines for a drunk-driving offense are based on the number of DUIs on your record within the past 10 years. For a first offense, you may be required to pay at least $700 in court fines. This is increased to a minimum fine of $800 for a second offense and at least $5,000 in fines for a third offense. If you injured another person in an alcohol-related collision or had a passenger 18 years or younger in the vehicle while impaired, the fine may be increased to $2,500.

In addition to these fines, you may be required to pay an impoundment fee. If you are sentenced to mount an ignition interlock device in your vehicle, you will be responsible for the costs associated with the installation, maintenance, and monthly rental fee.

Many DUI offenders are ordered to attend an alcohol education course, the fee for which will come out of your pocket. The same applies to home confinement--you will have to pay the expenses for electronic monitoring.

These are all direct costs; however, you could incur financial consequences in other ways. For example, if you must miss work due to your suspended license or jail sentence, you could lose out on earnings or even risk termination at work. In addition, once your license is reinstated, you may face increased premiums from your auto insurer.

Hiring a Utah Defense Lawyer

While hiring a Utah DUI defense lawyer may seem like an expensive option, it could help you avoid not only financial losses but a criminal record that could impact future educational and employment opportunities. We have helped many clients secure the acquittal, dismissal, and reduction of their drunk-driving charges.