Utah DUI Felony

While a first and second driving under the influence (DUI) offense is typically classified as a misdemeanor in Utah, you could be facing a felony if charged with a third DUI within 10 years. This is a serious charge that can have a significant impact on your life and freedom, so working with an attorney who has successfully defended DUI felony cases in the past is certainly in your best interest.

Penalties for a DUI Felony Conviction

As a third-degree felony, the sentence for felony DUI is severe. Potential penalties could include up to five years behind bars, large fines, electronic home monitoring, and an alcohol assessment and treatment.

Perhaps one of the toughest penalties you may face is a two-year license suspension. In Utah, individuals who lose their license due to a DUI are prohibited from obtaining a work permit that allows them to drive to work, school, appointments, errands, etc. This can create a financial hardship if public transportation is poor in your area or you don't have anyone who can drive you to your place of employment.

When you do get your license reinstated, you will be expected to mount an installation interlock system in your vehicle. This system is similar to a breathalyzer in that it will measure your blood alcohol content (BAC) before you can start the ignition. If it is over a pre-set limit, not only will you be unable to drive but your infraction could be reported to the court.

In addition to your criminal sentence, you will face problems in your professional and personal life. For example, if you have a job that requires your ability to drive, such as a truck driver, you could lose your job once your license is suspended. Other industries have policies against hiring convicted felons, so you could be passed over when applying for employment.

When your auto insurer discovers your felony DUI conviction on your driving record, you may be placed in a "high-risk" category and your premiums may be subsequently raised. This can make driving cost-prohibitive for many people.

Obtain Legal Representation Today

The only way to increase your chances of avoiding the penalties mentioned above is to take action by hiring a qualified lawyer. We know how much you have to lose if convicted of a felony offense, and we will work tirelessly on your defense in an effort to secure a favorable outcome.