Stress from a Utah DUI

Stress from a Utah DUI

Major events in one's life have the potential to cause a wide range of intense emotions, so it should come as no surprise that being charged with driving under the influence (DUI) in Utah can cause serious stress. If you are like many people facing a drunk-driving offense, this may have been the first time you have ever been arrested in your life. You may have heard the horror stories regarding the potential penalties you could face, yet don't know what to expect yourself.

Coping with Stress after a DUI Arrest

For many people, the most stressful aspect of a DUI arrest is not knowing what will happen next. To alleviate your anxiety, it may be worth speaking to a DUI defense lawyer. Because they handle so many cases--some similar to yours--DUI lawyers can explain the legal process as well as the next steps you should take to help your situation. By gaining a realistic vision of what will occur in the next few months, this can help reduce your stress.

Another way to handle your anxiety is to find someone to talk to, whether it is a friend, spiritual leader, or a counselor. Pent-up emotions have the potential to come bursting out all at once, so by sharing your feelings with a trusted individual, you can help avoid this problem.

Some people become so stressed after a DUI arrest that they stop taking care of themselves. However, exercise and eating right are great ways to reduce your stress levels and maintain a positive outlook. Whatever you do, do not turn to alcohol to numb your emotions; this could eventually cause more problems in the long run.

Work with a Qualified Utah DUI Defense Lawyer

We understand the stress you may feel after a DUI and will handle your case with sensitivity and compassion. While everything may seem hopeless right now, winning your case or getting your charges reduced to a non-DUI disposition may be possible.  Because we know the stakes you are facing, we will work tirelessly when preparing your defense.